World Series appearance a long time coming for both Red Birds and Red Sox


Seems that nobody is thirstier for a world championship than members of the St. Louis Cardinals and their thirsty fans.

After all, the hometown full of those lovable clydesdales (and people who like clydesdales) are used to the delivery of more than just delicious suds to their faces, they’re used to the delivery of championships on their doorstep.

The St. Louis faithful have had to wait almost 700 days to get the opportunity to hoist another World Series trophy.

Can’t remember the fall of 2011?

Neither can we.

That’s why we went back, waaaaay back to brush up on what was going on in the world before we could even say were were in the teens of the new millenium.

The last time the Cardinals could call themselves the champions of the world:

• Facebook had yet to go public.
• Obamacare was only 20 months old.
• A little-known Adam Sandler classic called Jack & Jill was only making a blip on the box office radar and not revered as the comedy classic it is today.
• Believe it or not, house Democrats and Republicans barely got along and the government just barely avoided default as the two sides came together in the 11th hour.
• Osama bin Laden was still alive and the biopic depicting his final hours wasn’t even in pre-production.
• The world’s most-famous parents, William and Kate, were still honeymooners.
• The iPhone 4s had just released. Hello SIRI. Good-bye old technology!
• Remember LMFAO and their Party Rock? Yeah, so do we (barely). That anthem topped the pop charts.
• Michael Jordan had retired from basketball.
• Breaking Bad was only in its third season. What a wild ride lay ahead for Heisenberg and the gang!

You think the Cardinal fans have to get into one of Doc Brown’s super-fast DeLoreans to relive their glory days? Well, the Red Sox Curse sure kicked in after 2007, that was the last time those bean-chewing Bostonians tasted victory of their own.

Can’t remember the first decade after the turn of the century? So can we. Get a load of some of the incredible events that unfolded the last year the Red Socks hoisted their championship banner.

• Google, Facebook and the iPhone became the tech stories of the year.
• Boston was not only the setting of the Fall Classic but was also the backdrop of a classic movie released in the fall. Martin Scorsese’s biopic about Mark Wahlberg and the Wahlberg Family crime syndicate run by Jack Nicolson, The Departed, swept the Oscars.
• Michael Jordan had retired from basketball.
• America tuned into watch post-9/11 freedom fighter Jack Bauer get out of several pretty sticky situations in one day on Fox’s 24.
• A little-known black senator from Abe Lincoln’s home state named Barack Obama stopped smoking, kind of, and was elected America’s 44th president.
• The Oakland Raiders selected quarterback of the future and purple drank inventor JaMarcus Russell over also-ran wide out Calvin Johnson in the 2007 NFL draft.
• The San Antonio Spurs ended a drought of sorts of their own, sweeping LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in four games to win their first NBA title since 2005.
• The apple of Steve Jobs’s eye, the iPad, was yet to be invented. And Air was something you associated with Nike, not Apple.
• Ashton Kutcher wasn’t even on Two-and-a-Half Men and was still married to Demi Moore.

Both proud baseball cities have to do the time warp to recall the last time they won a World Series.

You have to go even further back — all the way back to the third year of the Iraq War and the second term of the Bush administration — to find the last time the Cards and the Sox faced one another in the Fall Classic.

That’s right, the year was 2004 when the Sox ran off with bragging rights in four games; let’s take a peek of what wasn’t even ALIVE yet to watch that RedBird/RedSox series go down.

• Coco Arquette
• Apple Martin
• James Bond (still Pierce Brosnan!)
• Twitter
• Ben Affleck’s acting (or directing) career
• Michael Jordan (retired)
• Lots of little green piggies WERE alive, because those little Angry Birds hadn’t even been coded yet!

…Be sure to tune in and see those Red and blue Bostonians in Beards face those other guys in beards who are also wearing red and blue and cheer on these storied franchises. It’s a guarantee that one of them will walk away with a trophy that they’ve had to wait almost as long as Adele’s career to get!