The NBA Finals: Regardless of what happens Game 6 Harrison Barnes’ video of the Dubs charter flight is the highlight of the season


Premiered in February, this video of the Warriors gambling and singing along to Big Sean’s Blessings got 4 million hits in its first 18 minutes on the line mostly because it’s the most amazing portrayal of a professional athlete’s life in the middle of a historic run since Corbin Bersen played the hot corner and Charile Sheen had triangles shaved in the back of his head.


Here’s the six best things about the trailer for the 2015 summer blockbuster, Blessings: The Golden State Warriors Story:

  1. :02 — Shaun Livingston looking like a garden gnome that snuck on the back of the team bus wearing Nike house shoes and carrying a sweaty McDonald’s bag.
  2. :03 — Leandro Mateus Barbosa beaming like he just got done with his shift at dd’s Discounts at the Eastmont Mall Town Center wearing a dubs ski hat flashing some ambiguous gang sign in rhythm.
  3. :05 — David Lee dealing from the bottom of the deck like Worm at the Sheriff’s game.
  4. :08 — Steph Curry enjoying a Sbarro slice and playing the window shade.
  5. :09 — Andrew Bogut with a down payment to a Lafayette condo riding on the next hand and caring so much he appears to be passed out.
  6. :11 — Draymond Green singing loud and proud like Rick James is on the other side of the glass with two open bags of coke and a handful of strung-out-Michelle-Pfeiffer look-alikes dripping in Bo Derek braids waiting for him.

Hope the flight to Cleveland was equally (un)eventful.

Game 6 tip is at 6.


  1. Nice one Andrew – I love this video and the connection you make to the Roger Dorn-led Cleveland Indians. It also reinforces a my feeling that Steph Curry has savant tendencies, an uncanny proficient and consistent outside shooter who obsessively opens/shuts the airplane window shade while his teammates sing, party and gamble en route to an NBA Championship. Thank you for the vid Mr. Barnes!