UNLV Students Change Newspaper Name, Racists Lose Their Goddamn Minds


UNLV students are to be commended for trolling the living shit out of Trump’s America.

Written by Kyle Magin

Thank you, thank you, thank you to students at the University of Nevada Las Vegas’s student paper, The Rebel Yell. Its editors announced a decision Monday to rename the paper due to its Confederate undertones (itself a call out to the school’s mascot, Hey Reb!, who was more or less conceived by some pissed off Southern Nevadans who have spent decades engaging in the heavy petting and straight-up eyebanging of ye olde South.)

For anyone who takes pleasure in pissing off racists, as I do, the response to the decision is both terrifying and delightful in Donald Trump’s America. As much as I’d like to spend the time here snickering at the misspellings, grammatical errors and rage-vomiting the announcement induced on the far right, there is a real basic problem with somebody having a problem with what college kids do.

Certain college kids/millennials are vilified for exercising ANY agency.  

There’s a kneejerk reaction, born out of insecurity, toward nearly any progressive action the next generation takes in this country. Millennials willing to trade better pay for a happier work environment? FUCKING LEECHES.

College students look to shed the symbol of a state founded on slavery? YOU IGNERANT PC COWERDS!

Whenever kids decide that they’d like to make a different America, the reaction in some quarters is to lambaste the kids for taking offense at everything, especially when you’re the one who’s taking offense at the change because it might say something shitty about your generation or way of thinking.

Who sounds like the more sane individual here? The kid who’s enacting a name change based on the will of his or her’s peers, or the old racist asswipe behind the computer hate-fucking his keyboard because somebody delivered an indirect rebuke to his softcore love affair with the losing side of a war over the freedom of humanity 150 years ago?

Anyway, I really love you, staff of the newspaper formerly known as The Rebel Yell.