Proposed names for the new NHL team in Las Vegas


The unveiling of the Las Vegas Black Knights of the National Hockey League is set to take place as early as early June. While we’ve got no problems with Black Knights as they relate to the Wu-Tang Clan, it’s a little tougher prospect to coin a hockey team after something that doesn’t really exist in that region—like snow and ice.

Below some alternatives. For complete list and commentary please check in on our latest Pints and Picks podcast.

By Kyle Magin & Andrew J. Pridgen

The Nevada Bench Warrants

The Parlays

The Steves

The Jorts and Tanks

The Adult Entertainers

The Vegas Pair-a-dice

The Snake Eyes

The Layovers

The Mark Slaughters

The Residencies

The Foreclosure

The Pink Harts

The Vegas Sands

The Aces over Eights

The Unders

The Overs

The Moving Lines

The Lost Friends

The Prickly Pairs

The Pinball Hall of Famers

The Get away from Hims (Hers)

The Is This My Drinks

The Better Supplemental Insurances

The Why the Fuck is the Monorail so Fucking so Slows

The Let’s Just Walks

The We Shouldn’t Have Tried to Walk

The Have you Seen (Blank)

The Unreturned Texts

The Blaming Your Problems on Someone Elses

The Old Lady in Front of you Fishing Out Coupons

The Thanking God You’re Not One of These People Then Realizing You’re One of These People

The My Phone Dieds

The Lost Wallets

The Empty Pool Cabanas

The There’s No Way You Can Board Without IDs

The I Don’t Know, I Think I’m at the Luxors

The Look at Those Fries

The Parliments (official cigarette of Vegas)

The We Found the Body Just Outside of Pahrumps

The Collect Calls

The Ace Rothsteins

The Have the Bartender Charge Your Phones

The how many can we fit on a Kings?

The I wonder how much awful stuff is going on in the MGM Grand at 3 a.m.s

The Split Twos

The Carrot Tops

The Bunny Ranchers

The People Movers

The Pit Bosses

The Dry Spell

The Desertifications

The Giant Plastic Street Drinking Apparati

The Burning Mans

The Missed Wake-up Calls

The I Usually Don’t Do Thises

The Morning After Pills

The Payday Loans

The I Didn’t Even Get His (Her) Last Name

The Douchebag Smoking a Cigar Hitting a 16 with the Dealer Showing a Fucking 4s

The Markers

The Beer ‘n Backers

The Stucco Townhouse in Henderson Nightmares

The Don’t Ever Fucking Order Shock Top Agains

The Do You Remembers

The Buffet Lines

The Blue Ice Group

The Bob Stupaks

The Elvis Comebacks

The Tarks

The Mo Greens

The Comps

The Down to My Last 20s

The Double-Downs

The Credit Card Advances

The Mystery Receipts

The Cute Bartenders with the STDs

The She Didn’t Tell Me She Had Any Kids…or a Husbands

The I Think She was Vibing off Mes

The Tangled Lanyards

The Lost Boxers

The Missing Kidneys

The Drunk in Publics

The Adult Flier Street Flickers

The Who The Fuck Brings Their Kid Heres

The Woo Girls

The Bachelor Party of Fucking That Guy

The Penis Straws

The Broken Heels

The Don’t Go to Planet Hollywoods

The Mystery Line of Fucking Thousands of People

The Shitty Spoilers on the back of a Civic

The Tainted Drinks

The Walk of Shames

The Missed Flights

The Girl Crying to the Woman at the Southwest Counters

The Holy Fuck is That Del Taco – Del Taco Sounds So Fucking Good Right Nows

The Where’d You Get That Del Taco

The I Don’t Give a Fuck if You Have Bottle Service, You Still Won’t Get Laids

The You’re Gonna Have to Get Your Friend Out of Here

The I Swear We Just Saw Jay-Zs

The I think She said She went to Wisconsins

The Holy Shit This Isn’t My Rooms

The Smuggled Weeds

The Vegas Vapes

The 30 Packs

The Vegas Random Crying Girl in the Third Stall of the Men’s Room at the Hard Rock Pool

The Golfer Guys

The I Have No Idea How I got to a Kid Rock Concerts

The That Guy is Dating Britney Spearses




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