Free soloing with suction cups now officially more popular than the Rio Olympics.

By Andrew J. Pridgen

A man who thus far is only identified as Steve from Virginia has been busy scaling Trump Tower on the building’s East 56th Street side since 3:40 p.m. EST Wednesday.

Steve — beyond showing the world how not-good a look shorts from the Dick’s sale rack and a harness is giving rise to empathy for the views endured by the entire climbing community — is using suction cups and feet stirrups to make his summit of the 58-story mixed-use 663-foot building in Midtown.

The building is home to Donald Trump’s computer- and book-free offices (though he does own a pair of Shaq’s sneakers which is likely the source of his powers.)

While we assumed Steve would be climbing in protest, it appears from the video he allegedly posted ahead of the climb that he’s a Trump supporter/has that Brandon Lee costume dialed two and a half months before Halloween.

Judging from all the NRA trolls clogging the YouTube live feed offering to “shoot him down,” he is pointing out to most of Manhattan, America and the world that even if you’re a messed up kid in an Under Armour sweatshirt who has trouble looking into the camera, it’s OK to make a statement that’s not a call to or act of violence.

Though Steve said nothing about wanting his protest/introduction to Trump to be a display of building scaling similar to Britney Spears in the Toxic video — albeit a “less hot” version — he’s definitely putting more actual work than anyone in Trump Tower’s history.

Unless, of course, Trump’s tax attorney also has office space there.

Here’s the live stream: