It’s weird to see schlubby mic jockeys and ink-stained wretches stumping for a billionaire.

Written by Kyle Magin

San Diego’s sports media despises the city’s taxpayers and tourists.

In an all-out effort to save their jobs as it relates to year-round coverage of the San Diego Chargers, the city’s radio, TV, and *some* print media have gone into the tank–a tank filled with the rotten, fecal waters of long-term municipal debt–for the football team’s billion-dollar scheme to rip off taxpayers and lie to them about where the money is coming from.

It’s a Clayton Bigsby-esque foray into loudly-proclaimed self-hate at the behest of an unkind powerbroker. Basically these ex-jocks and beat guys are banging the drum for the city’s taxpayers to pass Measure C, a $1 billion measure pushed by the Chargers meant to raise money for a new downtown Chargers ‘convadium’ by hiking the hotel tax to an insane 16.5 percent for the next 30 years.

That the proposal is a fool’s bet is almost beside the point; but here goes. Should another recession or two occur over the next 30 years and hotel tax revenues fail to hit their mark, the city’s taxpayers would be on the hook for the difference. What’s both worse AND unavoidable, by pushing a hotel tax increase onto your visitors, you’re really pushing a tax increase onto the locals, who will see a corresponding drop in visitor spending at bars, restaurants and activities, or worse still, in duration of stay. You can find a more detailed takedown of the stadium plan here.

In the face of all this evidence that giving Dean Spanos–the billionaire heir to his father’s fortune and Chargers owner–free taxpayer-generated money to build his new downtown stadium/convention center annex (which is opposed by ComiCon, the annual nerdfest that nets a mind-boggling $150 million for San Diego annually), the local media is taking up for Spanos.

Led by the jock shills at “The Mighty” AM 1090, a radio station that’s about to lose its Padres coverage, local sports media types are ready to cajole the city’s citizens into voting against their own interests by banging the drum for C over the next three months. Look at these damn Facebook posts:

Nothing! There's nothing wrong with it!

Posted by The Mighty 1090 on Tuesday, August 23, 2016

DAILY LINKS: Chargers go on the attack in stadium campaign

Posted by The Mighty 1090 on Friday, August 19, 2016

…Along with a post with some (bring the hashtags!) #YesOnC pandering, they later deleted.

They couldn’t wait to tell San Diegans how they could most effectively stuff a robber-baron’s pockets with Benjamins. Shilling for the richboy son of a magnate because you can’t fathom life in a one-sport town (this is a ridiculous way to think of a town in which everyone is constantly active, but adopt a mouth breather’s POV for this exercise) has to earn you a stay in a circle of hell that Dante didn’t conjure because he probably never foresaw humanity getting this fucking stupid or plainly willing to service evil.

While the local talk radio crowd is the most in-the-bag element, you won’t find much critical Chargers stadium coverage in local print outlets or any, at all, on TV, where nearly every local affiliate broadcasts NFL coverage throughout the season.

San Diego taxpayers are instead left to educate themselves on Measure C, to decide whether keeping a middling-to-bad team in a town that has everything else to do is worth subsidizing a $31-billion industry helmed by a $34 million-a-year CEO with a billion dollars from the tourists who float and sustain major chunks of the local economy.

These are factors citizens here will have to weigh themselves, because their chickenshit media can’t wait for eight Sundays a year of postgame spreads and public contract disputes in the service of a 7-9 concussion factory.


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