Sitting during the NATIONAL ANTHEM even if it’s your father-in-law who has his have diabetic feet is NO EXCUSE!!!!

By Andrew J. Pridgen

I just HAVE to get something off my CHEST! I hate you so much Mr. COLIN KAEPERNICK! Your peaceful and meaningful protest to bring awareness to a personal cause and exercise YOUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH is something I can NO LONGER sit back and abide by.


I wasn’t going to say anything. But we need to STAND UP!!! And say something!!!! First of all, by YOU not standing during the NATIONAL ANTHEM during Friday’s NFL preseason game while several dozen people watched with horror in the stands was an affront to all humanity and all mankind. Americans the world over were watching this happen in REAL TIME. The same AMERICAN men, women and children, black and white and red and yellow, who have all sacrificed everything including their bloodshed in the streets to bring freedom and justice to the world in those same blood-stained streets.

The FOUNDING FATHERS did not SIT!!!! when they wrote the NATIONAL ANTHEM, they put their hands over their hearts and they made their slaves stand up and stop whatever they were doing to — including, YES MICHELLE OBAMA — stop building the WHITE HOUSE lawn for your daughters to and I quote, “PLAY ON!!!!” for a second and pay attention and show some RESPECT when the NATIONAL ANTHEM was playing.

And the reason God wrote this song in the first place into the CONSTITUTION of the United States was not just for ballgames or company picnics, MR. KAEPERNICK, it’s because for more than a millennia, it’s about showing respect for one’s country. Respect you lost.

RESPECT I no longer have for YOU!!!!!

Because of this thug behavior, THIS country has never been more divided than it is now. Not during the Civil War when those same slaves revolted and wanted better working conditions. Not during the 1960s when we combined schools to include colored people of all colors. Not during the late-’80s when Ed McMahon opened up the comedy portion of Star Search to women (before the only women in the competition — for good reason it turns out — were spokesmodels), but now this is something totally different!

When thugs go around hiding their cellphones and their pagers (or beepers!) in their giant hooded sweatshirts and threatened cops with their menacing stares. When they drive around mostly white neighborhoods with their giant car tire rims casing homes for when the families there go on vacation so the THUGS can move in use their outdoor kitchens leaving behind empty boxes of DiGIorno and empty cups of malt liquor (this happened in MY NEIGHBORHOOD, but with a simple doorbell-looking security device now under $250 at BEST BUY crime has also gone down. Click here to see how I stopped crime from happening before it happens!) When I no longer feel safe sending my wife to Costco just to pick up a chicken parm for dinner knowing she may be attacked taking her cart back to her X5, then YES MR. KAEPERNICK, I agree there is a problem.

(Speaking of Costco, I happened to be at Costco when the game was on on Friday and when the NATIONAL ANTHEM came on TV was it any coincidence that every person of a certain color stopped in their tracks to observe it, while other, different, shall I say, perhaps slightly darker shades including Mexican American immigrants continued what they were doing. Coincidence????????? YOU TELL ME!)

And when acts of violence happen against you when we are sent robbers from other countries to THIS country, and Hillary wants to take away YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL right to own a firearm to protect yourself from the KAEPERNICKS of the world, well, don’t act like you weren’t WARNED!

But that’s exactly the PROBLEM facing this nation TODAY! It is NOT a black or white thing. It is a respect for your country and for the song it was founded on. INCLUDING THE SONG that they play in all US Embassies, including Benghazi the day it was ATTACKED by President Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his personal SECRETARY Hillary RODHAM Clinton on the EVENING OF September 11, 2012, which was the LARGEST single attack on any American facility both here or abroad in the history of Mankind. WE SHALL NEVER FORGET September 11, 2012!!!!!

SO if that’s MR. KAEPERNICK what makes you comfortable as you said, “Not standing up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people or people of color” when in fact the flag does just that… that’s why those colors don’t run and that’s WHY those colors are separate!

Then well, you just made your own point for me I GUESS!

Also, when has an athlete EVER taken a stand against something on a stage so big? NEVER! Never since I can remember. I hope your happy with yourself because you make me sick and disgusted to be an AMERICAN!

Also, I feel SO SORRY for the beautiful white family who adopted you. They gave you every advantage growing up in Turlock. The best schools. The best meals. A bounce house. They let you go to Reno! And this is how you pay them back? By joining the NFL, making MILLIONS, giving to charitable organizations, mostly throwing out thoughtful and socially conscious tweets and standing up for what you believe in …Not to mention letting them watch you play in the Super Bowl… well, I hope they’re happy for the decision they made to take one thug off the streets. They might as well just have put him back on the street with what you did.

So go ahead with your tattoos and your beard that makes you look like I wouldn’t want you on my flight. Go ahead and sit during the NATIONAL ANTHEM. I’ve never sat eating snacks or yelling at someone to get me something across the house during OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM. Not when I’m in the privacy of my 5,248-square-foot home with 4.5 garages (yes, we GOT THE GOLF CART GARAGE because sometimes I don’t want to walk to get the mail!) But know THIS MR. KAEPERNICK. KARMA is a word that means it’s a BITCH. And someday, I’m going to cut in front of you in a TSA line because I was born with that power and those basic HUMAN RIGHTS guaranteed to me by the US CONSTITUTION. The same rights that can be taken away at ANY TIME with your thuggish behavior!!!!!

And i will NOT pick you up on WAIVERS this year ever!

Andrew J. Pridgen is the author of “Burgundy Upholstery Sky,” and is a recent graduate from the intensive three-week Breitbart News Academy course where he learned how to write in fragments only, punctuate everything like this (!!!!!) write in ALL CAPS whenever possible and completely ignore the difference between you’re and your.