Every week during the 2017 season, we’ll check in with California’s five MLB teams. Who’s up? Who’s down? Who has the cheapest ticket this week and who will play in the best series? The Golden State is home to the best position player in baseball, the sport’s best pitcher, and the 25 tomato cans who play for the Padres.

Best Record Last Week: Los Angeles Angels, 5-2 on the strength of a batshit ninth inning Sunday wherein they came back from down 9-3 against Seattle to sweep the weekend series.

Worst Record Last Week: San Francisco Giants, 2-5

Best Attendance (cumulative): Anaheim, 43,289

Worst Attendance (cumulative): Oakland 18,497







Huell Howser Memorial ‘Is This Guy Serious!?’ Outstanding Performance Video:

This was going to go to Manuel Margot, he of 2 dingers at the Padres’ home opener Friday.

Then the Angels made their comeback and pushed the Pads rookie off of the podium. Anyway, here’s Fat Albert pounding out what I originally thought was another joyless late-career solo home run on his limp toward 600. It ended up actually being the spark that began the Halos’ comeback.

Gob Bluth’s Huge Mistake of the Week:

The huge mistake of the week award goes to San Francisco VP Brian Sabean, for spending $62 million on Mark Melancon, letting Sergio Romo head to Chavez Ravine and having his bullpen contribute to the Giants’ struggles to open the season. Melancon did pick up the save Sunday against the Padres, though.

Cheapest Ticket This Week: $6 Diamondbacks at Dodgers for kids’ Fathead day on Easter Sunday. It WAS $6 for the DBacks-Dodgers tilt on Friday, which includes a postgame fireworks show set to the music of Billy Joel, but tickets have since skyrocketed to $9. Still, that’s the best $9 you can spend in Southern California that doesn’t include getting french fries inside a tortilla.

California Series to Watch: Dodgers @ Cubs. This has potential NLCS written all over it. Bonus points for a fat guy hitting leadoff (Chicago’s Kyle Schwarber) and getting in more than 1 game of the series without a delay or rainout.

Upcoming Games:

Angels: 4/11-4/13 vs Rangers, 4/14-4/16 @ Royals

A’s: 4/10-4/13 @ Royals, 4/14-4/16 vs. Astros

Dodgers: 4/10-4/13 @ Cubs, 4/14-4/17 vs. Diamondbacks

Giants: 4/10-4/12 vs. Diamondbacks, 4/13-4/16 vs. Rockies

Padres: 4/10-4/12 @ Rockies, 4/14-4/17 @ Braves

*Bold copy denotes home series.

Kyle Magin is a San Diego-based writer and editor with an affinity for the Tigers and proximity to the Padres.