Money Mayweather moves Vegas line (twice) by betting against, then for himself prior to title bout


LAS VEGAS — Known for his exploits in the sportsbook as much as he is for his spotless record, Floyd “Money” Mayweather reportedly laid down a staggering $18.8 million bet against himself Thursday for Saturday night’s title bout with the similarly undefeated-against-stiffs Canelo Alvarez.

Thirty-six-year-old Mayweather’s wager moved the line to make the known gambler, who is taking home a $41 million purse for the bout (MGM Grand Garden Arena — Showtime PPV, 9 p.m.), to -280 odds and pushed Canelo to +220.

Mayweather, post weigh-in Saturday then laid a second wager on himself for an undisclosed amount reportedly in the $50-million-plus stratosphere. Vegas insiders believe this will push the line back to Canelo +330.

“I’m buying low baby and selling high. I’m the Gordon Gekko of boxing and things,” said the reputed gambling impresario. “That bet against me was to just make Mexico feel better about having to rest their hopes on a ginger …and to all have to watch the fight on like one TV.”

“Greed is good baby. Greed is good to me,” read a Mayweather tweet in which he attached a photo of himself carrying a ticket from an undisclosed Las Vegas sportsbook and holding a Krylon-gold version of the phone Michael Douglas’s seminal ’80s robber baron Gekko fake talked into while strolling boxer-free along the shoreline of the Long Island Sound.


Though Mayweather’s camp declined to comment on the zero-sum game of wagering to move the line only to lay a bet on the favorite that will pay out only 1:3, Mayweather came to his own defense, “It’s all about cash flow baby. Money in, money out just like those dudes in the banks that saved America from the financial crisis.”