Grassroots beginning of NFL pink month boycott


MIKE: sup

AJ: sup studio gangsta

MIKE: nothing bor

MIKE: (bro)

AJ: I’m not your bro bro (bor)

MIKE: DOn’t taze me bro (bor)

AJ: Haha

MIKE: where u watching games this wknd

MIKE: ?!

AJ: college or nfl

AJ: <

MIKE: Coughs… COUGS fuck.

AJ: #lulumafia

MIKE: Sick.

AJ: This is my last wknd watching football for like a month – so I’m going BIG (<-all-caps guy)

AJ: Big like that new miller lite can wtih the keyhole


AJ: Why miller lite ? b/c they don't have a can with a shotgun tab at the bottom yet

MIKE: Haha – genius

AJ: I'm boycotting oct. fucking pink month – fuck that shit

MIKE: for the tiptoes

AJ: ?

MIKE: Titties (fuck you autocorrex)

AJ: yeah – stupid – who markets cancer …besides susan g doesn't support women's right to choose

MIKE: choose what?

AJ: I dunno cereal? Yoga pants!

MIKE: Ha – yeah that pink stuff's pandering

AJ: You're pandering

MIKE: your cornholes pandering

AJ: the leg that holds it up broke – I need woodscrews

MIKE: #lulumafia girls like woodscrews

AJ: You like woodscrews

MIKE: k – gonna bounce

AJ: latz bor (bro!)