Fan overheards from the 2014 NFL Playoffs


Perhaps more than any other professional sport’s postseason, the NFL playoffs draw out the best (or best of the worst) in folks’ common sense, especially when it comes to matters of the heart (their team).

And here’s what some are saying …from the heart.

Thank you to all who’ve sent me “overheads” in the comments link of this site. Keep ’em coming. If we get enough good ones, there’ll be NFC/AFC Championship game and Super Bowl edition(s).

• “Do you think she likes being here watching the game with us?” “With women, if you have to ask — usually the answer is no.” (Two men, talking while the girlfriend of one escapes to the bathroom during a commercial break of the Seahawks/Saints game.)

• “I mean, there’s only one Beyonce and that’s it. It’s not like her job is posted online. She got it. Case closed.” (Man to another man watching last year’s Super Bowl halftime show at a private event.)

• “I know a girl who works for the hotel where all the away teams stay in San Diego, and she says the married players are the worst about, you know, calling out for in-room entertainment.” (Woman to friends, overheard during the Chargers/Bengals game.)

• “Being a Raiders fan this year was up there with online dating. After awhile it just seemed like I was sifting through lies.” (Perhaps the only honest Raiders fan in the world talking to his buddy in a 49er jersey.)

• “Given the recent state of the Packers in the playoffs, I’d say it’s time to retire that cheese-on-your-head deal-y.” (Female bartender to a group of young guys wearing Aaron Rodgers jerseys; she gave them a free round of shots when the final whistle blew against the 49ers.)

• “And he thinks if it has sequins on it, it’s the equivalent of a diamond. Someone in NFL marketing needs to change that perception.” (One young woman to another, having a glass of wine during the game. She was wearing a men’s fitted New Era Seahawks hat.)

• “I think they engineered those jerseys to make the pros look good in shoulder pads and show off their arms and the replica jerseys to make fat guys look like they’re about to float away.” (Woman to man finishing lunch at a restaurant where the matinee Pats/Colts game happened to be on.)

• “Is it just me or does Erin Andrews seem more and more approachable the older she gets?” (Man to man waiting in a line three deep to get a beer.)

• “Have you ever been to a Buffalo Wild Wings? “No, I think you have to live in the Midwest to find one.” (Man to woman casually looking on at a game in a Marin County restaurant where the game happens to be on in the bar.)

• “Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Superbowl? If they want an aging act just get Toto, Christopher Cross, Steely Dan and Michael McDonald to play some songs America can groove to.” (Man to woman seemingly walking through .)

• “Looks like the Colts should turn their horseshoe upside down, because their Luck just ran out.” (Taunting Patriots fan to EVERYONE else in the baaaaaaahhhhh.)

• “I’d pick a new team, but then there’s the hassle of having to change my wardrobe.” (Man to man after Packers loss.)

• “When he told me he wanted to tailgate, I thought that meant we were going to the game. Instead, we ended up drinking beers in the parking lot before coming in here.” (Woman to woman in a San Rafael, California bar watching the 9ers/Packers.)

• “When I asked him what happened to all the money he spent in Vegas Super Bowl weekend, he had the nerve to say ‘golf’.” (Woman to woman in a Nevada-side sports book in North Lake Tahoe.)

• “You just hate on Tom Brady because it makes you feel insecure that there are men on Earth like him …and then there’s you and your friends.” (Woman to her (soon to be ex?) boyfriend, a Colts fan during the third quarter of the Pats/Colts game.)

• “I’m so damn tired of these robots. They’re taking over.” (Older man to younger man watching Fox’s in-game cutaway.)

• “So you’re saying Joe Buck is a robot? I knew it.” (Younger man one barstool over, chiming in.)

• “If Hawaii got a team, I’d move there just to be a fan. I’d be like the Magnum PI of fans.” (Packers fan yelling at no one in particular at an Irish bar during the fourth quarter of the Packers/9ers game.)

• “We have a deal. She watches football with me on Sundays, I watch The Bachelor with her on Mondays.” “But does she know how much you really like The Bachelor?” (Man to man at Polk Ave. sports bar in San Francisco.)

• “I told her I wouldn’t have more than three beers, but I didn’t specify that was per quarter.” (Young man talking to buddy at kickoff of 9ers/Panthers game.)

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