The NBA Finals: There is only one reasonable reaction to Warriors fans paying $60 to watch TV at Oracle Tuesday…


There are three possible reactions to the news that the Warriors Monday sold out Oracle Arena to watch Tuesday’s game six on the Jumbotron:

  1. Outrage: $15 per seat, $5 parking, full-price concessions to watch TV and not be able to change the channel, pee while watching the game in the bathroom mirror or fast forward through those pesky Trainwreck ads.
  2. Dismay: These Warriors fans are copying Cavs fans. The last time anyone in the Bay Area thought of emulating anything out of Ohio was in 1983 when Alex P. Keaton got hooked on speed.
  3. Respect: Should The Warriors win, half of Oakland is going to be flipped over, smashed in and lit on fire. Oracle on lockdown may be the only safe place in the East Bay west of Blackhawk (think The Purge but with working public transit and a majority fanbase outside the arena who don’t have to work the next day…or ever).

I’ve got nothing but the latter.

Aftermarket tickets were going for as much as $60 on StubHub Monday evening (for lower level, because—you know—it’s important to be courtside when you’re looking up at the scoreboard).

But even that might be a bargain for a great time out, a safe haven and access to $7 pretzels. The next event after finals at the arena is something called Hello Kitty’s Supercute Friendship Festival in mid-July.

Those tickets start at $35.