The NBA Finals: Harrison Barnes, you did not just drop another video from the plane on us


Harrison Barnes is Zapruder with three bars; Kubrick with a boarding pass; John Huston with a handheld; Fellini with an iPhone.

The Golden State Warriors’ third-year small forward has captured the best-of the Dubs flying first-class-coach all season…and the team’s charter flight back from Cleveland Wednesday with Larry O’Brien’s trophy riding center seat business class was no exception.

Scored to team anthem O.T. Genesis’ tribute to the cocaína (I’m in love with the) Coco (team officials had Barnes remove a similar snippet using the same song earlier this season), the Dubs seem to be leaving hundreds of millions of dollars in Beats endorsements on the table by traveling so well together.

You already know we had to make the Championship edition!!!

Posted by Harrison Barnes on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Here are the top nine moments of the celebration:

1) :01 Shaun Livingston back in the corner pocket pulling the invisible parachute cords.
2) :03 Back-up, back-up, back-up Bosnian center Ognjen Kuzmic trying to figure out how to unscrew a bottle top looking more like Koko—the gorilla—cradling a kitten.
3) :04 Not getting the gray sweatshirt and championship hat memo, Festus Ezeli debuting his two-thumb hitchhike move in turned-backwards visor.
4) :08 Who is that dbag contest winner in cargo shorts and fedora looking like he’s on a Southwest flight to McCarran checking his carry-on for Funyuns in the back? Or maybe it’s just the ghost of Todd Fuller?
5) :09 The pan over to what I like to call, the Big Boy Table: David Lee, Draymond Green, Steph Curry and Andrew Bogut.
6) :10 David Lee in drunk guy in high school slow dance repose clutching the trophy.
7) :12 Andrew Bogut giving Barnes the fish eye. The Aussie’s playoff beard is finally showing signs of not being a Clavin.
8) :14 Do the Steph Curry dance (just look like a baby bird at mealtime).
9) :20 Draymond Green with, man, I just didn’t know what that head bob is till I looked up a Soul Train Line from the ’74 season. Clearly he just studied whatever this guy does below at :32.


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