Simple feedback for a simpleton.

By Andrew J. Pridgen

Donald J. Trump is America’s internet troll-elect and he deploys his twitter account at all hours as his chief means of scapegoating, distraction and way to make every 5th grade teacher simultaneously slap their foreheads: ”How am I supposed to convince the kids to diagram sentences when this merkin-wearing ass hat is in charge?”

But really, because all his tweets break down into one of two categories…

1) Lies.

2) Denials of the truth.

…they all merit one of two responses.

Here then is how to reply to Trump:

1) When he lies:

2) When he denies the truth.

Oh, wait, there’s a third one. When he trolls American companies for personal financial gain:

Rinse, repeat and enjoy for the next four years.

Andrew J. Pridgen is the author ofBurgundy Upholstery Skywhich you should purchase for yourself and a friend this holiday season.