The Tributes

By Andrew J. Pridgen and Kyle Magin

Prior to 2016, Death of the Press Box wrote exactly one homage and that was more of a construction update on the Cal Neva hotel and casino. This year, in accordance with the changing conditions of the social, political, environmental and economic landscape that reversed the course of the conversation (mostly, in the favor of Russian hackers and Scott Baio), the site’s scope and tone changed mightily as well.

No longer were the Big 4 (NBA, NFL, MLB and The Golden Girls) sports our prime topics. We dipped mightily into environmental and political coverage and saw growth and expansion in the expository work of our Pints and Picks feature.

But the big news of the year was the seemingly daily barrage of someone or something being taken away for good. It even spawned a subhead on the site simply entitled: Death.

It is custom each year as the clock ticks down to single hours for sites like this to roll out the “Best-of” and we will oblige. But before the final calendar page is unmercifully torn from 2016, we would also like to revisit and bid a final farewell (for now) to who and what we have lost.

Many on the names you will recognize, others belong to close friends or colleagues. Others yet are the end of concepts and ideas that helped shaped the world it turns out we only thought we knew.

Oh, and also there’s the Elephant Bar.

Thank you for your continued support. May you be safe in your journeys this holiday season and may you drink one for spite, one for hope, one for those who cannot, one for love.

…And then pour a big old tall one for you — because you, after all, are still here.

  • Kyle & AJ

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