Cal Poly is hosting a narcissistic, demagogue hate-speech monger in Axe hair gel, and the university’s president is acting like there’s nothing he can do about it saying he’s “defending free speech.” No. No, he is not. He is sponsoring intolerance and spreading propaganda. #ResignArmstrong

By Andrew J. Pridgen

Satan’s sophomoric personal dubstep DJ MILO is set to speak at Cal Poly tonight which is bad news indeed — bad news for everyone.

The fact that my tax dollars are being used to subsidize this fabulist with a sociopath’s sensibility and flashy socks at one of the finest public universities in the land …is even worse.

It’s the modern-day equivalent of inviting Buffalo Bill and his victim van onto campus as an adjunct professor in skin dress making.

The so-called editor of neo-Nazi rag Breitbart (editor? He’s more of the kid who traces naked orgy photos and draws the principal’s face on them then posts them up all over the school) Milo Yiannopoulos is set to come to my hometown university’s campus with his unique brand of baseless motormouth high-octane brainwashing hate speech.

The question isn’t whether Yiannopoulos has a right to freedom of speech — go right ahead, talk your talk you well-coiffed narcissist. The question is why a state-funded institution of higher learning would set aside any resources (venue, security, concessions — for starters… but there’s more, read below) to host a professional internet troll whose rhetoric is so base, so racist, so vile, so disfiguring and polarizing and awash in a rubble of vitriolic fragments that it would make some in the Third Reich cringe …and maybe send him a memo to pull back a little.

His cause célèbre was that he was kicked off Twitter last summer for insulting SNL star Leslie Jones.

His punishment? A $250,000 memoir deal with Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

We will not reprint the tweets on his end. If you’re into acidity, self-aggrandizement, grandstanding and demeaning to the point of unearthing the worst of humanity online, you can google it. For her part, this is what Jones said after about a week of torment:

Welcome to upside down world.

So this is the best of what Cal Poly College Republicans can invite to their campus? A cult of personality who is so decrepit and deformed from his core that the only way he can make a name is to attempt to ruin lives online? Great message of unification there: a miserable human spreading shock and misery and profiting on it quite nicely. And that’s it.

The local paper ran an editorial Monday that defaulted to a most indefensible stance that many invertebrate organizations have taken up of late saying as “much as we deplore the bigoted and incendiary talk that has turned Milo Yiannopoulos into a celebrity spokesman for the ultra-right, like it or not, he is scheduled to speak at Cal Poly on Tuesday night.”


What the fuck is that kind of ho-um “we ought to support the pilot of the plane even if he’s the guy who stumbled through security yelling and insulting everyone, has never flown a before and only has designs in ramming the fuselage full of innocents into the side of a cliff” bullshit?

Shame on the Trib and shame on Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong for his editorial in the last Friday defending allocating campus resources to this self-defeating and polarizing sludge as it is “the university’s responsibility to support the rights of all people to express their opinions and ideas — regardless of how unpopular they may be.”

No. It’s absolutely motherfucking not the university’s responsibility to provide safe harbor for any of this.

The Trib reported the event will gird for protests and be “heavily staffed with campus police and other university employees, as well as police officers from other CSU campuses.” The university will also cover the cost of bringing in law enforcement from other universities including travel, food, and lodging.

Fuck that.

If Yiannopoulos wants to grab a bullhorn outside the campus Chick-fil-A and start a revolution, that’s his prerogative. Like a flag burner or a protester outside a Planned Parenthood with a bloody fetus doll screaming at those coming and going, I may not agree with them, but it is their right to get out on the streets and speak their peace.

…But it is not a public institution’s responsibility to pay them to do so.

The Yiannopoulos visit comes on the heels of a rash of beyond cringe-worthy posters popping up all over campus calling for “#RealSLOSolidarity” which — among other things, are yearning for a “Fourth Reich”.

See for yourself:

Fucking insane and incredible.

And to add to it, the Cal Poly Queer Student Union for its part posted on its Facebook this message in the wake of the appearance of the very graphically challenged posters: “It is absolutely unacceptable that the Cal Poly administration has been silent on this issue since the first poster was found during the first week of this quarter. Hate-filled acts like these are detrimental to fostering an appropriate environment for ALL students to learn, grow, and succeed. Administrators can condemn hateful speech without prohibiting folks from expressing that speech. They have a responsibility to call out and correct hateful and inaccurate speech, even if they can’t or don’t want to.”

College students’ brains are still forming. They still are trying to adult and have an emerging at best sense of history or time and place or the danger of the fire they’re playing with when it comes to spreading propaganda.

When the adults on campus encourage someone who harks back to a time when genocide was the order of the day, where pain and intolerance and divisiveness almost destroyed the world. Where fear and malignancy wins out over progress and humanity…and the people in charge are willing to sponsor, pay and promote that message to come on campus — then we truly are lost.

So make no mistake, this is not the students’ fault. They are pressing to find boundaries only to see that hateful rhetoric is not only OK, but encouraged from the highest office on their campus. This is on president Jeffrey Armstrong, 100 percent.

Whether or not Armstrong remains at his post in the wake of this matters not — for what we are about to see on his watch is truly one of the darkest days in Cal Poly history.

Andrew J. Pridgen is the author of the novellaBurgundy Upholstery Sky”. His first full-length novel will be released in late-2017.