Every week during the 2017 season, we’ll check in with California’s five MLB teams. Who’s up? Who’s down? Who has the cheapest ticket this week and who will play in the best series? The Golden State is home to the best position player in baseball, the sport’s best pitcher, and the 25 wicker loveseats who play for the Padres.

Best Record Last Week: Los Angeles Dodgers, 3-3.

Worst Record Last Week: Anaheim Angels, 1-6.

Best Attendance (cumulative avg.): Dodgers, 44,713

Worst Attendance (cumulative avg.): Oakland, 18,252

Huell Howser Memorial ‘Is This Guy Serious!?’ Outstanding Performance Video:

Touted as MLB.com’s 4th ranked prospect Entering the 2013 season, 22-year-old Wil Myers failed to make an impact for the Tampa Bay Rays and was shipped to San Diego in a three-way trade that sent a couple coveted young packing out of the Gaslamp district as the first big winter move of the AJ Preller regime.

Injury plagued much of his first three seasons, Myers, when healthy, looked like he might grow into a serviceable first baseman and put in just enough work to avoid the bust label. Then came last season, 28 HRs and 28 stolen bases along with an $83 million contract extension to keep him in brown and yellow.

Last week after homering off Johnny Cueto on Sunday at Petco Park, Myers continued to hit the ball like no Padre this side of the guy with “Gwynn” on the back of his jersey has. Thus far, he is 18-for-48, with five doubles, two triples and three home runs.

On Monday night at Coors Field, Myers hit for the second cycle in Padres history. Suck it Matt Kemp. AFTER that he singled, doubled and tripled (again) and then was walked and hit by a pitch keeping his early season average at a Splinter-like .400 (it was .375 as of Sunday, but who’s counting?)

Also, please watch the above video till the end to hear some vintage homer playcalling rarely heard this side of Comiskey.

Gob Bluth’s Huge Mistake of the Week:

This week’s ignominious award goes to anyone who was calling Anaheim the surprise team of the season after week one. Week two brought the Angels back to Earth like Lucifer in Isaiah. Not only were they 1-6, but the Halos started putting together horrendously short, worthless at-bats. Besides Mike Trout, no other Anaheim batter is in the top 40 of pitches/plate appearance in the majors.

Cheapest Ticket This Week: $6 Tuesday for Rockies vs. Dodgers. The giveaway is a free knit cap, which native Californians may wear until it’s been 85+ for a week straight. Everyone else must immediately give it away.

California Series to Watch: Padres vs Dbacks April 18-20. Pretenders from contenders time. If the Padres can take two of three and inch above .500 they may start to scare some folks. Dbacks started with hot bats but can their young pitching hold?

Upcoming Games:

Padres: 4/18-4/20 vs. Diamondbacks, 4/21-4/23 vs. Marlins.

Angels: 4/17-4/20 @ Astros, 4/21-4/24 vs. Blue Jays.

Dodgers: 4/17 vs. Arizona, 4/18-4/19 vs. Colorado, 4/21-4/23 @ DBacks.

Giants: 4/18-4/19 @ Royals, 4/21-4/23 @ Rockies.

A’s: 4/17-4/19 vs. Rangers, 4/20-4/23 vs. Mariners.