Every week during the 2017 season, we’ll check in with California’s five MLB teams. Who’s up? Who’s down? Who has the cheapest ticket this week and who will play in the best series? The Golden State is home to the best position player in baseball, the sport’s best pitcher, and the 25 Eastbay mannequins who play for the Padres.

Best Record Last Week: Anaheim Angels 6-1.

Worst Record Last Week: Oakland Athletics 1-5.

Best Attendance (cumulative avg.): Los Angeles Dodgers, 43,901.

Worst Attendance (cumulative avg.): Oakland, 16,683.

Huell Howser Memorial ‘Is This Guy Serious!?’ Outstanding Performance Video:

This is nominally Kole Calhoun’s highlight because he hit the walkoff single in the bottom of the 11th on Tuesday to get the Angels’ winning week really rolling. But props go to Halos play-by-play man Victor Rojas for the well-rehearsed but never forced DRIVE. HOME. SAFELY. call to indicate the walkoff. My man is quickly joining Jon Miller as my favorite CA announcer. 

Gob Bluth’s Huge Mistake of the Week:

Victor Rojas’ words at the start of this highlight feel like the beginning of an epitaph. “Decker has pretty good speed over there on first…” On Tuesday Jeff Decker tried to steal second on Martin Maldonado, the Angels catcher who cuts down 75 percent of attempted thefts. Maybe shave the beard if you’re going to run on him, Jeff.

Cheapest Ticket This Week: $6 for Giants at Dodgers on Tuesday.  

California Series to Watch: Houston Astros @ Angels, 5/5-5/7. If the Angels can avoid shitting the sheets against the Mariners in Seattle, they’ll be heading into a 1 versus 2 showdown series with the Astros for, potentially, the division lead. Throw in the fact that the Halos are celebrating Cino de Mayo on Friday with a maracas giveaway and a fireworks display on Sunday, is there anywhere you’d rather be?

Upcoming Games:

Athletics: 5/2-5/4 @ Twins, 5/5-5/7 vs. Tigers.

Giants: 5/2-5/4 @ Dodgers, 5/5-5/7 @ Reds.

Dodgers: 5/2-5/4 vs. Giants, 5/5-5/7 @ Padres.

Angels: 5/2-5/4 @ Mariners, 5/5-5/7 vs. Astros.

Padres: 5/2-5/2 vs. Rockies, 5/5-5/7 vs. Dodgers.

Home series in bold.