Every week during the 2017 season, we’ll check in with California’s five MLB teams. Who’s up? Who’s down? Who has the cheapest ticket this week and who will play in the best series? The Golden State is home to the best position player in baseball, the sport’s best pitcher, and the 25 jersey hangers who play for the Padres.

Best Record Last Week: Los Angeles Dodgers, 5-2.

Worst Record Last Week: San Diego Padres, 2-5.

Best Attendance (cumulative avg.): Los Angeles Dodgers, 44,201.

Worst Attendance (cumulative avg.): Oakland, 16,159.

Huell Howser Memorial ‘Is This Guy Serious!?’ Outstanding Performance Video:

This week’s outstanding performance video comes to us courtesy of the Angels’ Mike Trout. I got a chance to see the Halos centerfielder play against my Tigers on Saturday, and I prayed liker Homer on his deathbed in the bottom of the ninth that Tigers closer Justin Wilson would retire the first three batters so Trout wouldn’t come up. Wilson was successful, but I was terrified because Tout’s last turn at bat looked like this:

Gob Bluth’s Huge Mistake of the Week: 

The Angels sweep the spotlights, as catcher Martin Maldonado got home plate umpire Mike Winters blasted in the nuts by a JC Ramirez pitch. Maldonado was crossed up on a pitch call between he and starter on Thursday, which ended up with Winters taking a ball to the nads. This is an excellent way to have calls go against you, Martin.

Cheapest Ticket This Week: $6 for Sunday’s Dodgers home game vs. Miami.

California Series to Watch: Dodgers at San Francisco Giants 5/15-5/17. In all likelihood, this series will suck, because the Giants have been weak this year and the Dodgers haven’t exactly been world-beaters, but with a 22-16 record they’re the only winning team in the Golden State.

Brandon McCarthy kicks the series off for the boys in blue today and Matt Cain goes for the Giants.

Upcoming Games:

Athletics: 5/15-5/17 @ Mariners, 5/18-5/21 vs. Red Sox.

Giants: 5/15-5/17 vs. Dodgers, 5/19-5/21 @ Cardinals.

Dodgers: 5/15-5/17 @ Giants, 5/18-5/21 vs. Marlins.

Angels: 5/15-5/17 vs. White Sox, 5/19-5/21 @ Mets.

Padres: 5/15-5/18 vs. Brewers, 5/19-5/21 vs. Diamondbacks. 

Home series in bold.