San Diego County residents love to rip their playground with no repercussions. 

Written by Kyle Magin

There’s a common lament on sports talk radio and in comments here in San Diego as questions of the city’s stadium situation have ebbed and flowed over the past year. San Diego County residents—those who live outside of the limits of San Diego City Proper—would like a word.

County residents should get a say on stadium votes. We support the teams and San Diego would still have an NFL team and may soon have an MLS team if we got a voice.

These gripes have surfaced with varying intensity as city residents shitcanned a proposal to publicly fund a pro football stadium in November, and the city council pressed pause this week on a giveaway of city land to a group hoping to build and develop around an MLS stadium in Mission Valley.

If we had a voice, we’d support those stadiums is an easy thing to say for Nick Wallace, the Poway Petes, Carlsbad Carls and Escondido Esthers to say. They weren’t asked to commit tax money collected in their toney suburbs over the next three decades to subsidize Dean Spanos’ fetish for downtown digs for the Chargers. (In fact, their hotels would likely benefit from not paying an increased tax but still lodging gameday visitors!) They aren’t being asked to sign over prime, highway-adjacent land in Mission Valley for a song so some La Jolla investors can build a home for the one sports league in America that actually manages to lose money.

Instead, county residents were put-off they didn’t get a say in a venue they might visit a few times a year before maybe stopping by Crack Shack or Modern Times and heading back up the 5 to whatever organized yoga commune North County community they call home. In addition to leaving us “COSD” residents to pick up after their violent gameday bacchanals at NFL contests, we’d be stuck with the bill for the damn stadium, too.

Please, unless you’re willing to really fund the whole thing—more than some ticket purchases—for decades after the fact, don’t cry to me that your twice annual trip to the city won’t include the NFL or MLS. I suggest Balboa Park and an evening in PB if you want to watch aging foreigners play soccer and see dudes hit each other, respectively.