Every week during the 2017 season, we’ll check in with California’s five MLB teams. Who’s up? Who’s down? Who has the cheapest ticket this week and who will play in the best series? The Golden State is home to the best position player in baseball, the sport’s best pitcher, and the 25 early-October vacationers who play for the San Diego Padres.

Written by Kyle Magin

Best Record Last Week: Los Angeles Dodgers, 4-1.

Worst Record Last Week: Oakland Athletics 2-4.

Best Attendance (cumulative avg.): Dodgers, 45,623.

Worst Attendance (cumulative avg.): Oakland, 18,958.

Huell Howser Memorial ‘Is This Guy Serious!?’ Outstanding Performance Video:

Yazmani Grandal participated in a ninth-inning clubbing of the Tigers on Saturday, launching a home run to dead-center field in the top of the frame to make the score 3-0. Kenley Jansen then made sure it stayed that way in the bottom, striking out one Detroit batter and inducing groundouts from the other two to end the game in a brutal fashion. This team certainly has its killer instinct dialed.

Gob Bluth’s Huge Mistake of the Week: Well, it didn’t happen last week, but in late July, I called the Dodgers the “last man standing” in California baseball. That is proving to be a mistake. The Angels have gone on a tear since then, clearing 8-2 in their last 10 contests to capture the final wild card position.

If the season ended today, the Halos would play an elimination game against the Twins. Massive credit is due Mike Scioscia, who has steered this team through a handful of major injuries and done it with a pitching staff that doubles as a witpro job.

Cheapest Ticket This Week: $6 for Brewers at Giants on Tuesday, 8/22.

California Series to Watch: Astros @ Angels, 8/25-27. I DO still feel confident in saying the Angels won’t catch the suddenly plateauing Astros, but they’ll still have to play Houston tough to stay in the hunt. The rivals play three more series down the stretch.

Upcoming Games:

Athletics: 8/21-23 @ Orioles, 8/25-27 vs. Texas.

Giants: 8/21-23 vs. Brewers, 8/25-27 @ Diamondbacks.

Dodgers: 8/21-24 @ Pirates, 8/25-27 vs. Brewers.

Angels: 8/21-23 vs. Rangers, 8/25-8/27 vs. Astros.

Padres: 8/22-24 @ Cardinals, 8/25-27 @ Marlins.

Home series in bold.