There is nothing to figure out as far as why these men act out: They’re scared. They’re alone. They don’t want to die. Their final act is to spread misery and death.

By Andrew J. Pridgen

I find it hard to believe that mainstream media is still scratching its head over the “mystery” of Stephen Paddock and his motivations (see: today’s naive-to-the-point-of-farce NYT cover story.)

Look no further than the current occupant of the White House to see the same pathology. Well-to-do, white male, Boomer, grew up with every advantage society afforded him but with a father who was abusive and/or a criminal. His own adult life’s milestones are but a string of failed business and personal relationships.

His own shortcomings, as a father and a husband, date back to his life as a very young boy never being good enough, yet emulating bad behavior. All this is manifest as he is cast away by society. His blinkered world view no longer corroborated by the majority of those around him, including members of his own family. And America, the place he feels nostalgia for, has done something unforgivable in his eyes—it has turned its back.

So, like a little boy, he acts out. He mocks, he berates, he gambles, he threatens, he tells lies, he bullies but says he was only “joking.” But the stakes are higher now that he’s feeling his own mortality.

He plans to flip over the game board and ruin it for everyone else. Paddock’s shooting in anonymity from a hotel room is no different than when Trump tweets “Sorry, but only one thing will work!” when it comes to dealing with North Korea in that they are both acts of malevolent revenge.

Trump is ready carry out an execution of the lives of millions as his own retribution for not being loved both early and later in life. It is, in other words, time we stop wondering “why” with these men.

We know why.

They are miserable and want to inflict misery on the largest-scale imaginable before their flame goes out.

It’s time for action. Time for empathy, concern and listening, yes. But it’s also time both parties remove the man with the death wish, and the biggest weapons cache in the world, from power.

Because there is no indicator that he won’t stop until he has laid to waste the very country, the very people, that propped him up and made excuses for him all these years. There is no indicator that we would ever be able to recover from the anger of such a pitiable human being.

Whether it affects numbers in the tens or the millions, some acts are irreversible.